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* Please note prior to booking:
$50 non-refundable deposit is required to book appointments.
All sales are final.

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PRF EZ Gel$800$900
Lip Filler$650$750
Cheek Filler$700$800
Chin Filler$700$800
Chin Filler With Chin Shadow$900$1000
Smile Lines Filler$700$800
Jawline Filler$800$900
Undereye Filler$850$950
Temple Filler$850$950
Jeuveau (Minimum 30 units)$11 / Unit$13 / Unit
Botox (Minimum 30 units)$11 / unit$13 / Unit
Dysport (Minimum 75 units)$4 / unit$5 / Unit
Skin Pen$400 / Session$450 / Session
Skin Pen With PRP$650 / Session$700 / Session
Chemical Peel$325$375
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  • PRF EZ Gel $800

    Non-member $900

  • Skinvive $700

    Non-member $800

  • Sculptra $700

    Non-member $800

  • Lip Filler $650

    Non-member $750

  • Cheek Filler $700

    Non-member $800

  • Chin Filler $700

    Non-member $800

  • Chin Filler
    With Chin Shadow

    Non-member $1000

  • Smile Lines Filler $700

    Non-member $800

  • Jawline Filler $800

    Non-member $900

  • Undereye Filler $850

    Non-member $950

  • Temple Filler $850

    Non-member $950

  • Jeuveau
    (Minimum 30 units)

    Non-member $13 / unit

  • Botox
    (Minimum 30 units)

    Non-member $13 / unit

  • Dysport
    (Minimum 75 units)

    Non-member $5 / unit

  • Skin Pen $400/session

    Non-member $450 / session

  • Skin Pen
    With PRP

    Non-member $700 / session

  • Chemical Peel $325

    Non-member $375

Due to your safety as our number one concern, here are a few things we would like you to consider:

  1. Our location is limited in space; therefore, we are not able to accommodate additional guests. Friends and family can book on the same day; however, they will be seen separately so each patient will have our undivided attention. We will also kindly ask guests to stay in the outside lobby during your consultation and treatment. Don’t worry, there are plenty of things for your guests to do while waiting since we are located at Metro Pointe at South Coast.
  2. Please book with ample time to plan ahead for babysitting before your appointment. Children will not be able to be left in the lobby unattended and will not be able to stay inside the treatment room with you.
  3. Our location has a strict no pets policy. Although we love our furry animals, we will respectfully ask that you leave your pets at home.